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The Complete Box Set

The Complete Box Set


You're in store and just can't decide... 'Lime Pie is so refreshing in this heat but Caramelised Peanut is just so satifyingly rich. Choc Orange will be amazeballs with tonight's dinner but then if I don't come home with Salted Caramel there'll be meltdowns all round.' OMG what to do!!!...


We gotchya! Get the complete box set with this home delivered set of all 8 of our retail flavours delivered direct to your door. You'll never need to compromise again.


    See Flavours page for detailed nutrition information.

    Please ensure you select your dietary preferences prior to order. If you forget, or need to update these, please let us know as soon as possible via our Contacts page or email.


    Free delivery on all orders within 15km of Melbourne CBD. We can deliver to any address home or office provided there is someone available to accept delivery. Please ensure paletas are promptly stored in a freezer set to -18 C prior to consumption.

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