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Firstly, let's address that burning question, 'what's a paleta?'. Paletas are a frozen treat originating in Mexico. They're made from simple, fresh ingredients, typically fruit or cream based and differ from standard ice-cream as they're not churned so result in a denser more intense ice-cream.


Port Melbourne Paletas are inspired by the intoxicating mix of sights, sounds, tastes and textures that we encountered on our travels through South and Central America. They were borne of a shared love for ice-cream and a dream to craft the perfect small batch, handmade frozen dessert. True to the paleta genre our paletas are un-churned so are denser and more intense than normal ice-cream however we've taken some creative license in other areas with layers of flavour, texture and appearance. Our paletas are the result of thousands of hours refining ingredients and approach to produce the very best desserts possible. We pride ourselves on doing the simple things well, adding complexity only where it enhances the experience.


We also pride ourselves on making our product in the right way. To us this means local sourcing where possible, sustainable production, socially responsible chocolate, home compostable packaging and a bias towards a plant-based menu.


Checkout our Stockists page for your nearest Paleta supplier or order direct through our online store below.

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