A Years' Supply!*

A Years' Supply!*


*Ok so by a years supply we just mean a hell of a lot of paletas. Two dozen mini paletas delivered every second month to be specific. You can choose any flavour you like or go with every flavour via our mixed option. Paletas will be delivered direct to your door every other month safely in one of our cooler bags which is yours to keep.


    See Flavours page for detailed nutrition information.

    Please ensure you select your dietary preferences prior to order. If you forget, or need to update these, please let us know as soon as possible via our Contacts page or email.


    Free delivery on all orders within 15km of Melbourne CBD. We can deliver to any address home or office provided there is someone available to accept delivery. Our delivery bags are insulated and can safely store product for a short period of time before being returned to a freezer set to -18 C prior to consumption.